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Carlon Ami

Carlon Patsunu Ami II

Dress Code No Bolos or Squashblossoms

Navajo Nation


The onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic urged me to think about our distinct cultures and the very specific knowledge that resides in our ceremonies. Without making blatant statements I wanted to produce reminders that would inspire conversation and facilitate the intergenerational transference of sacred knowledge. An important caveat to acknowledge is the fact that relationships with knowledge exist on hierarchies specific to ones experience, I hope my work respects all these experiences. I want everyone to feel that they are a part of my work whether they have only heard of a certain ceremony or if they know the songs, we are all a part of it and I want my work to have that accessibility. My current body of work reflects my desire to present classic design concepts in innovative ways which demonstrate a fluid continuum of culture. While we are still the descendants of our ancestors we have modern ideas and (even more importantly) modern tools. It is our responsibility to constantly innovate and adapt, this is my goal as a jeweler.