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Crystal Demientieff-Worl

Crystal Worl

Glacier Bay

Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes


CAT W 904

I create mixed media work with graphic design, printmaking, painting, beading, fashion design, and traditional skin sewing. My process starts with sketches, drawings, which are digitized in adobe illustrator to vectored graphics. Once digitized I have options to order as a silk screen for printing, order as a giclee print, or use to project and transfer drawing lines onto a canvas for painting. I spend half of my time working digitally and the other half in my studio with my hands. I love the evolution of the technology and tools in both worlds (digital and fine art). I am excited to forever explore old and new methods in my art. As a skin sewer, beader, regalia maker, practicing subsistence is an important part of my livelihood and creative process. I am also a life time student to the art of formline design. The stories I share in my art are often Tlingit Raven stories, other themes are in relation to subsistence and living off the land.