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Cynthia Kuck

Cindy Kuck

Standing Tall and Proud - Wisdom

Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin


Design Process: When I begin a project, my goal is to come up with art that is a multi-facetted/textured piece that provides my audience with desire to really feel it. Most designs are computer generated and some simply evolve. Each work of art begins with flat metal usually steel or copper. The metal is then manipulated by a heating method, mainly plasma cuts which gives the piece a distinctive edge and produces a nice sharp image. The metal is further refined by using a hammered or sanded effect. I also weld pieces together to create dimension. I like to use copper as an accent, and I find it gives my work a softness that is needed. The final stage involves color which can be the most fun and creative way to make the piece my own. I use a variety of methods: heat, patinas, variety of paints, and misc. objects all of which give it the "ta-da" effect. Each creation is an original and impossible to duplicate.