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Deborah Jojola

Deborah A. Jojola

Reviving Purpose

Pueblo of Isleta


FR N 310

In my work, I explore the unique position held by Pueblo women artists, curators, and art consultants as essential keepers of tradition and cultural identity, while also taking a leading role in sharing this living culture with the world outside the Pueblo. Utilizing centuries-old art forms, symbols of the past, with symbolic imagery for the future. It carries a dialogue of history and resilience, and understanding of the environmental relationship that embraces all life. I realize, that my propose in life is within my artwork. Using my art to speak to my people, to teach and to revive a technique that will be lost if not learned and not practiced. My fascination with traditional Pueblo frescos - is a dying art form. Used by indigenous people for many centuries was an important and meaningful form of storytelling. My research and curiosity are exciting discoveries. It’s my energy! I explore age-old techniques and utilize these resources that allows me to continue in the same path