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Donald Sockyma

Donald Lomawunu Sockyma

Hemis Katsina

Hopi Tribe


PLZ 72

Materials- Carving Knives, Sandpaper, Acrylic watercolor paint, temperaturized Woodburner, Linseed Oil, and Cottonwood Root. Technique- I begin the wood carving by drawing the figure on the piece of wood focusing on the movement on the legs and feet. Then I start carving the areas that I dont need with carving knives. At this stage I am just trying to make the basic shape of the figure. I then start carving the features on the carving such as the feet, arms, and head area. As the carving takes shape it comes to a point where I can start the detail work such as hands, feet and feathers. I then sand the carving. Sanding brings out the natural wood grain. Next is wood burning. Woodburning is done to make lines and definition. Then linseed oil is applied to seal the wood for painting and also brings out the natural woodgrain. Last is painting using acrylic watercolor. This woodcarving technique is made from a One piece carving Technique.