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Dorothy Begay

DY Begay

Mesas... and Mesas

Navajo Nation


LIN E 715

DY Begay is a fifth-generation tapestry artist. Begay's unique weaving style combines using the traditional Navajo upright loom with her non-traditional interpretation of the landscape that surrounds her. The foundation of her weaving comes from generations of weavers in her family who passed on their skill and love for the loom. She was involved in raising sheep, the primary source for the yarn intricately placed on the loom's warp and wefts. Daily sheep herding, as well ash shearing, cleaning, carding, and spinning the wool in preparation for weaving was all part of her training. Begay's passion is weaving, capturing intimate thoughts, and making colors from natural sources and fragments and threading forms and designs onto her loo. She collaborates with her weaving space everyday, where she weaves beautiful impressions f undulating la d and water formations. Begay's weavings are deeply personal, encapsulating memories, Dine land, and beauty.