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Edison Cummings

Inlaid Pendant

Navajo Nation


PAL S 207

Fabrication is the technique I utilize which is essentially building the jewelry from scratch. This process involves cutting the metal into its desired shape using saws and files. Texturing/stamping: The surface of the metal is stamped/textured using techniques such as stamping and chasing to create decorative patterns. Soldering: The various pieces of jewelry are soldered together using a torch. Stone setting/Inlaying: stones are individually cut, polished, and set into a bezel or the base of a bracelet when making an Inlayed bracelet. Another technique I use is tufa casting. This process includes carving a design into pieces of tufa stone. The two tufa stones are tied together and molten silver is poured into a spout. A cast is created using this process. After the silver is poured into the stone, the tufa stone is untied and a silver cast is removed. The cast is cleaned by cutting, and sanding the piece. Polishing and finishing by buffing out blemishes.