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Franklin Carrillo


Pueblo of Laguna


As a jeweler of many years, I have learned and employed various techniques of metal manipulation including fabrication, forging, hollow form, tufa casting, lost wax casting, overlay, stamping, reticulation, texturing, the setting of faceted stones, and the inlay of semi-precious stones. All metal pieces are included in the work, but the marriage of silver or gold and stone inlay is what constitutes most of the link bracelets which make up the bulk of the jewelry. In the attempt to perfect the above-mentioned techniques in the pursuit of aesthetics the goal is to create wearable art using formal and abstract designs based on the real and the mythological. It is meant to honor the past and respect the present day and move forward into the future of an ever- changing world of art and climate. To those mentors and institutions who helped me along the way I give many Thanks. Franklin Carrillo