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Frederick Begay


Navajo Nation


PLZ 79

Fred believes his Artistic Values evolved from both the Navajo and the people of the South West. A Navajo Heritage although a multi-cultural lifestyle living among the Pueblo (Santa Fe) he was inspired by their Art Designs. His father was a renowned physicist and therefore Fred Jr. was raised to recognize the added artistic inspiration of how our worlds evolved. His Art is of basic Form and Design. He uses symbolism from the South West Indian people to create an identity for each sculpture. He began with drawing, painting and jewelry of Navajo silver and turquoise. Currently he is fabricating steel sculpture, primarily ANIMALS such as The Bison, Stallion, Bear, and Ram all of "Fetish Heart Line and Lifeline design". This inspiration evolved from the PUEBLO -the Fetish was to acknowledge the power and wisdom of that animal for healing and curing. The heart and lifeline symbolizing its Breath and Harmony.