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Gabriel Sice

Honor Guard

Zuni Tribe of the Zuni Reservation


LIN E 771

I use stretched canvas with Liquitex and Golden brand acrylic paints and use various sized Princeton, Royal and Langnickel paint brushes. The technique I use is mixing acrylic paints together to create unique colors and shades. The use of different texturing and layering of paints bring the detail of the subject in the painting to life. I use natural materials in creating my sculptures: Alabaster, Limestone, Marble, Lapis, Turquoise, Antlers to name a few. I also use other natural materials to inlay some of my work. Such as Mediterranean Coral, Turquoise, Shells and other gem quality materials. The use of modern machinery allows me to create highly detailed work. I use angle and die grinders, Fordom drill with various detailing burrs, various grits of sanding cones, course emery cloth sandpaper, bobbing compound, white rouge, treated muslin wheels. For larger sculptures, I use color enhancer to bring out the color of the stone with Tenax wax and a buffing wheel to shine the piece.