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Glenda McKay


Cook Inlet

PAL N 221

I was taught to survive off the land at a very young age. I learned many things from my Mother, Grandmother, and Aunts (Ingalik-Athabascan, Yupik, and Inupiat). As a small girl I was taught to trap, hunt, skin hides, brain-tanning, sew skins and clothing, beading, gathering of plants for food, medicines, and dyes. They wanted us to kow how to survive off the Land and never forget our culture. My artwork portray's traditional and historical items, stories, events of my cultures, or people I've met. They depict actual ceremonies, lives, culture and history. I use the finest materials for my creations. All the skins and hides are from subsistence hunts, and knives, files, and sandpaper are used on all my Ivory and Bone carvings. My Love to carry on my Culture and Traditions has made it possible for me to attend Indian Art shows at Museum's and International Indian Art Markets throughout the United States. I use traditional materials true to my culture. The dolls I create depict actual ceremonies/activities we practice or from stories told and are passed down generations by our precious elders. This is a representation of people I know, I use in my art pieces.