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Gloria Begay

Contemporary Chief Blanket Design

Navajo Nation


FR P 311

I started my Navajo weaving when I was about five years old. My mother has been my mentor and inspiration through my life. She was the one who set the pathways of my Navajo weaving. She was the one who introduced me how to card wool spin wool or or spin raw wool with out a hand carder. I have been weaving through my life and has been part of my primary income source. I value my weaving and like to share my weaving when others like to learn. It takes a lot of time to to prepare the wool for my projects. I have to make sure I collect the plants and enough wool for my project. Sometimes before starting a project, my designs come freely and sometimes I have to plan it out for my next project. Collecting plants are available only on certain seasons. It takes a lot of time and dedication to work on your weaving.