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Gwendolyn Lester

Gwen Coleman Lester

Girl Power 2.0

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


I paint and draw in a variety of mediums. I work in a representational style, usually realistic but sometimes abstracted. Acrylics on canvas and watercolor on paper are the main mediums I use for painting. When I draw on paper, I use charcoal, colored pencils, and sometimes pastels. Sometimes I combine pencil drawings with watercolor. I also draw with ink. Lately I have been using charcoal to draw on canvas and using a clear acrylic spray fixative to seal them. My subject matter is usually related to Choctaw culture whether it is figurative or still life. I also use wildlife as subjects. Sometimes I use words in my paintings and drawings. They are most often in the Choctaw language, but sometimes in English.