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Hayden Haynes

Hayden Haynes Sr.


Seneca Nation of Indians


FR S 303

I primarily work with antler and bone. These natural materials, have been used by my ancestors since time immemorial. My work is about healing -- and is an expression of where our people came from, where we are today, and where we are going. The range of my work encompasses carved antler sculptures, large intricately carved necklace millions, handmade ornate antler beads, detailed antler earrings, rings, fully-carved antler rattles, and traditional decorative antler hair combs. I often blend traditional materials together within my work, specifically my necklaces, in which I incorporate trade beads, wampum, vintage & modern glass beads, and different dyes to add color to the antler work. Not only do I create work in contemporary fashion, but I am an avid learner of how our ancestors used one and antler in their everyday lives. This knowledge also come through my work. My photography is one that I use to show my work but also to create spaces for women.