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Herb Thompson

7-Piece Kingman and Red Coral

Navajo Nation


FR S 333

My wife, Veronica Thompson, and I make contemporary jewelry to match any wardrobe. We work with our main base with Sterling Silver. We take pride and guarantee our work. We make reversible pendants, bolo ties, rings, bracelets, earrings, and hair ties. In our jewelry, we do some in-lay in our work with only all natural stones. We use Turquoise, Acoma Jet, Lapis, Spiny Oyster Shell, Coral, and more. Veronica and I also stamp our work. We stamp our work with H.V Thompson, Navajo, and Sterling to show our trademark, our tribe, and our base material. We also guarantee our work and like to keep our customer's happy. If one side of an earring is lost, gladly replace with another. Our stones are set nice, neat, and tight so stones will not fall out, chip, or break. We take pride in our work and want our customer leaving satisfied with great quality work.