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Jade Bread

Jade Simone Bread

Little Plume

Navajo Nation


PLZ 52

My drawings are done on antique ledger paper, a bulk of my paper is dated from 1900-1941, some earlier and some later. These pages come from old montana staples such as book keeping from mercantiles, grade and attendance logs from grade schools, and ledgers from local government and public works offices. Layered on top of the paper are free hand designs that are derived from photos of my ancestors, extended family, and friends. These designs are filled in with Primsa colored pencils. They are consistently used in my artwork because of their vibrance and extremely smooth blending ability. My pieces represent Navajo Nation of which I am an enrolled tribal member. However Blackfeet Nation of Browning, Montana and San Carlos Apache of Arizona are also featured in my work because I am a descendant of both tribes.