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Jason Parrish

Up by the Sunflower Path

Navajo Nation


LIN E 754

The creative process starts from my mind’s kaleidoscope full of scenes from Navajo life: men and women riding horses, rituals that are both festive and ceremonial, and the landscape that is uniquely Dinetah (Navajo land). These internal displays inspire an immediate performance put together by hand with oils, watercolors, acrylics, color pencils, and inks. My goal is to use my art as a looking glass for the viewer to examine and reflect on a realm they, perhaps, never knew existed. I hope that my painted creations will be lasting reminders that the Navajo people and our traditional culture are not historical subjects loss to memory. My technique consists of working on canvas, wood, and woven paper. Paints are applied by brush and dry media by drafting tools.