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Jaymie Campbell

Jaymie Campbell-White Otter

Black and White Trilliums

Curve Lake


To create my work, I use a variety of traditional and contemporary materials. All of my work is beaded onto and backed with home tanned smoked moose and elk hide, which I make or source from local community tanners. I use vintage, antique and contemporary beads, porcupine quills and sterling silver or gold filled findings. All of the hide is processed in the traditional manner, hand scraped and softened, brained and smoked. I use two-needle applique stitching and stitch each individual bead down in place. I use a variety of quilling methods depending on the desired effect, and I harvest, clean and sort all of my quills myself. My patterns are passed down through my family or personal designs inspired by dreams, nature and the land. My colour palettes nod to traditional beadwork colours while displaying contemporary style.