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Joan Aragon

Beaded Butterfly Pin

Pueblo of Zia

SFT W 522

Beadwork designs are primarily Pueblo style designs both traditional and contemporary. I make beaded wristbands, bracelets, pouches and barrettes. I use a beading loom and also bead on leather pieces. I use seed beads of a variety of colors. The work on the loom is sewn onto the leather to create the wristbands and bracelets. My clothing is mostly Pueblo inspired both traditional and contemporary styles. I use a handmade pattern of my own ideas and details. I prefer working with cotton/polyester blend cloth. All my clothing is machine sewn. I use satin or gross grain ribbon as well as lace trims added to the cuffs and bottom of the dresses. I use the same types of ribbons and trims when I produce men's and boy's ribbon shirts. Buttons are added to cuffs as well.