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Jovanna Poblano

Lapis Blue Jay Beaded Necklace

Zuni Tribe of the Zuni Reservation

LIN W 761

I have been doing my art in beadwork since the age of 15. My work has always been original interpretation of my own vision and voice. I use only genuine material in all my work, authentic, natural stones, and beads. I use many seed beads, but prefer size 23 Czech cut beads in most of my beaded wearable art. Each piece of jewelry is very unique and are all my own designs. In the past 10 years, I have also been a carver, following the traditional Zuni art form of Fetish Carving. My art in this is also unique and tend to follow a more simple lines as found in the older carvings. I use only genuine, natural materials such as turquoise, coral, abalone shell and quartz crystal. I have been a bead artist for well over 35 years and have added sculpture to my portfolio for the past 10 plus years. My work in sculpture is the carrying on the traditional art form of Zuni Fetish Carving that my Grandfather Leo Poblano did, as well as current Zuni artists. My style of Zuni Fetish Carving is towards a simple style and design. I use only natural materials such as turquoise, coral and various shell, and quartz crystals.