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Kydd Little Sky

Trae Little Sky

staWISaakú (Cedar Woman (Arikara)

Oglala Sioux Tribe

LIN E 728

The materials I used to create my artwork are porcupine quills, smoked hide, Czech glass beads, authentic elk ivories, sinew, cow leather, brass beads, dyed horse hair, brass spot tacks, brass sequins, brass hawk bells, shear ribbon, otter fur, dentalium shells, white deer buckskin fringe, fire polished glass beads, brass cones, snuff can jingle cones, American Broad Cloth 100% wool trade cloth, dyed cow tail hair, flat gold studs, mirrors, brass bead chain. Techniques I used to create my artwork are bead wrap edging, quill wrapping, hand drill press, hand sewing, dye bath, hand beading, sewing machine, whip stitching, spot stitching, cutting, sanding, lane stitching.