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LeeRoy Nelson

L. Eugene Nelson

Bolo Fire Agate

Navajo Nation


PAL S 225

All jewelry is 'hand-made', fabricated from sheets and wires of silver and 14 K gold-'Sheet and Wire construction' is term I use. All natural stones are used. Various surface textures are used to enhance the design to show a more sculptural 3-D affect. No cast pieces/machine made pieces are used. Only 'one-of-a-kind', art pieces are made. Imprint of surface, granulation, reticulation, chemical oxidation and scribed surfaces, all are imployed to enhance the design of piece. Some high reflective surfaces are achieved by acid dipping then high buffing. 3-D, mixed-media, wall or table sculptures all abstract artworks that fall under my title of 'ConStruK 3D'. These constructed pieces are built using screws, bolts, adhesives. Wood, papers, wires, paints and pvc pipling and plastics are included in these artworks that make these abstract pieces more three dimensional while keeping a more 'balance' over-all appearance. Photos of my own abstract paintings are also incorporated into these works which give a more depth perception effect and add more variety colors, as well. Each pieces is created one at a time, by hand and hand tools.