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Leslie Deer

Leslie A. Deer

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation


LIN W 747

Leslie A. Deer, Muscogee (Mvskoke) Nation, is an apparel designer and artist who began her career by making her own dance regalia. Leslie’s work is influenced by the motifs of her Mvskoke people and their ancestors, the Moundbuilders. Trademarks that stand out in Leslie’s work include intricate applique, bright color combinations, curvilinear lines and Southeastern-Moundbuilder motifs. The integral designs that Leslie creates are brought to life by the brightly colored heavyweight satins and silks that she chooses. These designs are then placed on the garments that Leslie constructs herself. This combination of color and texture is now fashionably Leslie’s trademark. Leslie also likes to experiment with other natural fibers including wool, silk velvet, and leather. She has also incorporated silk painting, screen printing, and laser engraving techniques into her work.