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Leslie Tenorio

Mosiac Butterfly Necklace

Santo Domingo Pueblo


PAL N 257

All rough turquoise, black jet, lapis, serpentine, mother of pearl shell, red and orange spiney oyster shells hand cut with lapidary saw. Grinder used to sand and polish pieces. Mother of pearl and black jet used for base on mosiac style inlay. Epoxy glue and black charcoal mixture used to inlay strips onto the base, when finished let set and completely dry, sand and polish to finish. Drill holes on top of pieces on the pendants add handmade bails and on earrings add sterling silver ear hooks. For necklace hand cut black jet into large strips, drill holes in the middle of strips and use pliers to cut into small squares. Use steel wire to string rough black jet, sand and polish to finish. Nylon string used to string the finished black jet once finished stringing add the handmade sterling silver cones and beads. Add sterling silver clasp and 4” chains for extension. To finish add the pendants to necklace.