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Lynda Pete

Lynda Teller Pete

Purple Woman's Manta

Navajo Nation


LIN W 774

All of my Navajo designed textiles are woven on a Navajo Traditional upright, vertical loom, in plain weave. I use a mixture of hand-carded, hand-spun wool with commercial milled and dyed, however re-spun to match the density of my hand-spun. Some wool are natural, some are blended with other others during the carding phase, and some are naturally dyed using dye extracts, aniline dye, plant materials, cochineal and indigo dyes and use gypsum clay for whitening. Weft counts are high from 110 to 118 depending on the dye used. My designs are often Two Grey Hills regional styles and using historical textile designs from the mid 1800's to early 1900's. Very often, I research these designs and put them into today's context.