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Maria Samora

Lace Cuff

Pueblo of Taos


FR N 313

Growing up in Taos, NM has provided me with incredible cultural and creative richness. The purpose of my art is to accentuate the body and capture the movement of the human form, enhancing one’s personal beauty and grace with sophistication and elegance. My designs appeal to the senses and come to life on the body. Natural and interplaying geometric forms are transformed into contemporary designs. Subtle textures, various patinas and the tonal play of mixed metals blend richly and create contrast and dimension. Hand-selected stones including top white diamonds, rare domestic turquoise and Brazilian agate Drusies are hammer-set into thick-gauge bezels. My work finds form and distinction in its simplicity and clean elegance. Continual exploration of technique as well as the use of evolving technology has given me the ability to manifest the ideas and inspiration in my head, creating wearable statement pieces of Art passed down through generations to come.