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Jar With Dragonflies

Ohkay Owingeh


PAL N 229

Materials: Traditional clay(mix of clay and volcanic ash), Paints(red/white/micaceous slips), Smooth stones for polish, Pukké(bowl or plate), Gourd/Wooden tools, Sand Paper, Buffing cloth, Xacto blades, Paint brushes. Firing materials: Metal box/crate, Cedar/pine wood for fuel. Technique(s): Clay and volcanic ash are screen cleaned and mixed for traditional clay. Building process of piece starts with clay base in a pukké, base is pinched, built up with coils, and smoothed with gourd/wood tools. When dry it’s sanded till smooth and buffed with a wet cloth. Designs are etched and deep carved with an Xacto blade. Designated areas are painted with red slip and polished with smooth stones for a high gloss shine. The carved/etched designs are then painted(slips can be mixed to create various shades). Last the piece is placed in a metal box/crate with a base of cedar wood under, lined with pinewood in a pit, and lit with a prayer for a traditional outdoor firing!