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Marvin Slim

Green Cluster Bracelet

Navajo Nation


Silversmithing was taught to me by my mother and my uncles when I was in grade school. My style reflects a modern Navajo style that people can wear every day or on special occasions. My pieces are handmade of sterling silver using hand tools to form the shape I want. I don’t cast anything; everything that I make is hand formed. I make different styles of jewelry from inlay to overlay. I use bright natural stones and seashells and I like to combine them to complement each other. I also do bezel work with cabochons. I like my silver high-polished, so I use three different wheels to get my polish. I have traveled throughout the United States, selling my jewelry at various art shows. I am known for my adjustable rings, and I usually sell under the Palace of the Governors Portal. I enjoy seeing people wearing my pieces of art.