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Michael Roanhorse

Painting 2

Navajo Nation


PLZ 16

Materials are oil, acrylic, canvas, wood, steel, copper. Paintings are created with wooden panels and 3 dimensional design with wood, steel, copper, and canvas, often creating several levels and layers on top of the canvas or wooden panel gives the relief on the painting a contemporary abstract design. Materials used range from 18k gold (yellow and white) to sterling and fine silver. Coral, turquoise, and hardwood are cut and polished by a lapidary machine. Diamonds and gems are other stones are used in my designs. Techniques range from rolling out my own plate and wire from tufa cast molds to 3-D soldering overlay. Every piece is created by hand and not by a computer, 3D printer or lost wax. Coloring is a patina process created with various chemicals and temperatures.