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Michelle Sisneros

Without Time

Pueblo of Santa Clara


FR N 301

I paint in acrylic, watercolor, pastel and various printmaking forms. My imagery reflects a unique blend of traditional stories of spirit animals such as deer, buffalo and birds in whimsical forms with colorful background landscapes as well painting the strength of women in our traditional and contemporary lifestyle settings. Throughout my life I have continued to sew and master my technique in different levels of tailoring, seamstress work and fabric knowledge. My clothing designs begin as an idea that then is sketched on paper. Once the design is visual, I start drafting the patterns in muslin fabric and using a form I can fit each piece of the garment. Depending on the treatment of my fabrics chosen, I either paint, bead and or embellish the fabric. The design is then sewn by machine and had to complete the final design. Mt fabric choices depend on the garment, but I use high quality fiber, such as silk; metallic linen, knits, cotton and velvets. My technique is tailoring garment to fit perfectly, embroidering to create patterns, painting to create unique stories. My materials, include fabric paints, beads, silver, pens and needles, and appropriate threads.