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Mihio Manus

Eclipsing Eternity

Navajo Nation


WA W 402

I am a photographer who works in digital and traditional film photographic mediums. As a digital photographer, I use a mirrorless Canon R camera with various lenses. I process RAW and JPEG images in Adobe Photoshop 2023 and Adobe Lightroom. As a film photographer, I shoot medium and 35mm formats. I process black and white film and make silver gelatin prints. I mainly shoot Kodak and Ilford films and process in those dedicated developers and fixers. I print using Ilford paper. I also use alternative printing processes. I shoot on-location using natural light and remote trigger strobes or dedicated flashes. I also shoot in studio settings using strobe lighting. I meter the light using in-camera meters and handheld ambient/flash meters. The content of my photographs is focused on traditional land bases, traditional communities, community members and kinship, and allowable social gatherings. I enjoy photojournalistic styles, portraiture, and dynamic aspects of fashion photography.