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Monty Claw


Navajo Nation

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I work in painting and digital works. Many of my paintings are in Acrylic or oils. These pieces are very contemporary and representational. I tend to give my work an abstract look to them. I like to create characters for theme works as well. My favorite subjects are animals. These painting use washes, wet on wet, dry brushing, and layering. I also create digital pieces with the procreate or adobe softwares. I make these to print on archival paper in small signed and numbered limited editions. The jewelry I create are contemporary in design. I use traditional methods like tufa casting, forming, chiseling, repousse, fabrication, engraving, and many other techniques I have acquired over time. I make the majority of my work in sterling silver, I also create them in 18K gold as well. I also like to make some of these pieces as functional by use of handmade hinges and springs. With hand made clasps. My entry pieces pull out my best in these designs. I also do create portrait pieces as well from pets to people in tufa castings. They really do look like black and white photos.