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Naomi Calabaza

Thinking of You

Santo Domingo Pueblo

WA W 408

Take the threaded sewing needle in your right hand. You are going to use the design on the underside to see where to tack down the beads. Your beads are placed on one thread and will be tacked down by the other thread. Lay beads along a line on your design. If it is a straight line you can tack down 2 beads at a time. If you are going around a curve on your design, you can tack down 1 to 2 beads at a time. Take the threaded sewing needle in your right hand and from the bottom, push up after the 2nd bead. It may take a few pokes to come up right where you need to be because you are working from the design on the bottom. Pull the thread all the way through the pellon stabilizer until you come to the knot. Your thread will be after the 2nd bead on one side of the bead thread. To tack down the beads, put your needle on the other side of the bead thread and pull all the way through the pellon. You now have a little stitch holding the first 2 beads down. I use various stones and shells using the Santo Domingo Pueblo traditional methods. These methods include slicing, grinding, sanding and polishing. After I base work in sterling silver.