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Nicola Vigil

Bronze Butterfly Vase

Jicarilla Apache Nation


CP 15

Jicarilla Apache Micaceous Pottery created humbly by Nicola Vigil, a Stanford graduate. Inspired by the Feeling of Butterflies in your stomach. Made using the hand coil technique. Expertly sanded using sandstone and polished to perfection using river stones. The pots are preheated in the oven and fired traditionally on an open pit. The motifs of the pottery are traditionally inspired by Jicarilla Apache oral history, legends, and ceremony. These are made with no sadness or fear, but with love and a sound mind. The process is a very healing and therapeutic experience because the potter is giving the pottery it’s spirit or essence as they will be here for thousands of years like the Anasazi pottery. I think of these as my children because you watch them grow up from clay to earthenware. I nurture them, talk to them, and pray to them as those intentions will be with our future generations.