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Nicole Garcia

Neeko Garcia

Sunshine and the Sweetness of Life Earrings

Navajo Nation


PLZ 67

Hand fabricated from sterling silver. Flowers, hummingbirds and leaf details are sawed from silver sheet. Rough edges are filed clean. Texture is created with a hammer, flowers are formed by dapping them in a piece of wood with depressions I created myself. Stamp work techniques used to add line details in leaves and edges are shaped with a file. Bezels are made by hand from sterling silver sheet. Silver wire is formed and details are soldered together into the desired design. Bracelet cuff is hammered to shape using a bracelet mandrel. Liver of sulfur is used to oxidize the silver. A satin matte finish on the silver is created by using a satin finish buffing wheel. Lapidary techniques are used to cut natural stones. Natural Kingman Turquoise, hand carved natural Red Mediterranean coral strawberries and natural pink and mauve freshwater pearls are featured in my work.