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Olin Tsingine

Ox Blood

Navajo Nation


PLZ 82

To whom it may concern. I use a verity of Materials in my work. I like to use turquoise from different mines in the United States. including Lone Mountain, Bisbee, Morenci, and others. I also use coral from Italy and the Sea of Japan. Suglite from Africa is also found in my work. Lapis from Afghanistan is also used for color. These some of the materials I incorporate in my jewelry. The different techniques I use starts with Tufa Casting . I cast bracelets , ring shanks , ingot bars.... Then hammering and forming is used to form and shape metal(bracelets , rings , hollow forms , cones ...) , Lapidary work is used to Make my own Cabs and Inlay . I also cut , shape , drill , roll , polish beads . coral , turquoise, shell , sugilite. I also cast ingot bars to make the old style Navajo Hopi jewelry . I forge the bars into bracelets , rings and beads. It is hard for me to get tired of making jewelry because there is too much to learn about the different jewelry techniques used. Thank you