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Peter Boome

Troubled Waters

Upper Skagit Indian Tribe

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PLZ 31

I am a Coast Salish Artist who works in a wide range of mediums. For Diverse Arts I create many different objects such as rattles, masks, paddles, drums, and other regalia. All of my work is hand done. My paintings are hand painted, usually acrylic on canvas, but I also paint on wood and paper. My Serigraphs are hand pulled, acrylic inks on cotton based papers. The embossing is hand carved and pressed using an old etching press. I am a Coast Salish artist focusing on a traditional design style while also using a contemporary color pallet and techniques. My work focuses on story-telling and movement. I am interested in exploring new ideas and revisiting old stories in new ways. I do not recreate historic works. All of my images are original and designed by me. For Sculpture, I hand carve my pieces from local wood which I generally collect and harvest myself. The carvings are distinctly Coast Salish but I will use contemporary color when the design dictates.