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Quinton Antone

Quinton L. Antone

Desert Sunset

Tohono O'odham Nation of Arizona


The materials and techniques I use are diverse from stone setting to overlay imagery pendants, cuffs and earrings. The technique I primarily use is the sterling silver overlay technique. I try to utilize the traditional stones and shells of our region, objects that hold spiritual significance for our Indigenous people. However, within these contemporary times I have adjusted to the new techniques and exotic stones. Being Tohono O’odham there are not many silversmiths. I was taught the techniques of overlay by the only two known silversmiths here on the Tohono O’odham Nation James Fendenheim and Rick Manual. They helped me develop my skill of sawing intricate designs and completing the fine details of polishing each piece. Furthermore, they encouraged me to pursue the art of silversmithing and gave me permission to use the cactus motifs and other O'odham designs they are famous for. Still to this day we visit and talk about our cultural meaning, and the spiritual beliefs.