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Ralph Aragon

Three Butterfly Ladder Panel

Pueblo of Zia

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SFT W 522

I paint using acrylics on the following: canvas, paper, leather and raw hide. My primary designs are petroglyph art images in the background with overlapping designs ranging from Traditional and Contemporary Pueblo Pottery designs. I will also paint horse images, dragonfly, butterflies, elk, deer, Pueblo stylized birds, flowers and various animals. I will also paint pottery images and various other stylized Pueblo motifs. Painting with acrylic paints allows me to get a variety of colors, for example I utilize a lot of turquoise in my work. All my paintings are originals and one of a kind. My canvas and paper work is mostly framed. I will use small canvas panels and arrange them onto wooden frame to create Pueblo Kiva ladder. In this category I work with gourds in various ways. I grow my own gourds so the process is from the seed to my finished creative art. The gourds are dried completely before they are boiled to become more durable. They are cleaned and dried. Then painted using acrylic paints. This includes rattles, ladles sculpture pieces and other small items from the scrap pieces. Traditional and contemporary designs are painted over a petroglyph background and an acrylic sealer to finish. Macaw feathers and other imitation feathers are added for decoration. My pottery is made from traditional clay, coil formed and kiln fired. After the firing of the pottery, acrylic paints are used to paint both traditional and contemporary Zia Pottery designs as an overlay of a petroglyph background. The use of acrylic paints allows me to use various colors from turquoise, reds, greens and orange to make unique and one of a kind pottery. An acrylic matte or gloss sealer is the final touch to the finished pottery.