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Randy Kemp

Dragonfly: No Postage Necessary

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation


Acrylic Painting on canvas: applied with brushes and with found objects such as Indian Head coins, buttons, paper or soda pop caps. I do a lot of overlay of paints for texture and transparencies. Hand drawn or with photo aided for references. Printmaking: Mono Silk Screen is a specialized process where I use water-based paints to apply an image directly onto an open silkscreen. There are no pre-set deigns or images in place until the image is applied, often with the use of various paint brushes and techniques. After the images is complete a small color of paint is poured at the top of the silkscreen as a background to fill in any open areas, then is hand pulled with a squeegee. The rubber tipped squeegee forces the paint through the screen mesh, transferring the image onto the paper. Additionally, I may work back into the image with a variety of materials e.g. water-base pastel crayons, stencils, event print overlay, enhancing the image post-printmaking.