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Raymond Tsalate

Ray Tsalate


Zuni Tribe of Zuni Reservation


FR P 305

Hand carved pendants, earrings and beads of Elk Antler and various natural stones, shells and coral called Fetish Jewelry; specifically Necklaces and Earrings from the Zuni Pueblo. Depictions of Animals, Bugs and traditional Human Forms, Katchina Figures and Maidens/Corn Maidens; Butterfly Maidens, Dragonfly Maidens are often featured as Pendants which are hand carved with incised detail and featured inlay. Separate hand carved Beads are made of natural stones, shells and coral, also with incised detail and inlay usually depictions of Animals. Necklaces are strung with all natural stones, shells and coral including -but not limited to, exotic stones like faceted chrysoprase, apatites, raw diamonds, opals, sapphires, rubies and crystals. Each necklace and earrings are completed with sterling silver finishings: toggle clasps, French hooks, jump rings, and handmade bales and various other finishings. Hand carved Elk Antler figures: Animals, Bugs, Human Figures, Katchina Figures. Incised detailing, sanded, buffed with a wax compound and polished to a high shine. Inlaid with natural stones, shells and coral. Specialty pieces are embellished with buckskin, horse hair and domestic parrot feathers. Adornments are hand carved separately and applied to each piece as they are created- antler/shell feathers pinned with sterling silver. Shields and weaponry: shields are made of shell, antler or stone; bows & arrows, spears are fashioned with sterling silver and copper as well as cornstalks and cattails for Butterfly Maiden and Dragon Fly Maiden pieces.