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LIN E 736

Weaving Technique for Rug • Weave the weft behind the warp from side to side while alternating the warp. Other Techniques Used Before Weaving Rug • Shearing the Wool from the Merino Sheep: Start by cutting the undercoat wool near the belly, work on the legs upward to the back of the sheep, and finish with the head. • Carding the Merino Sheep wool: Untangling the wool by using a pulling motion and alternating the wool back and forth between carding tools • Hand Spinning the Carded Wool with a Spindle Tool: Place the carded wool on the spindle and roll the wool towards you and pull the remaining wool to stretch and shape the wool into string; afterwards skein the wool for dying process. • Dying and Preparing the Wool for Weaving: Collect and boil plants until desired dye color is achieved, place skein wool into the dye process and stir to maintain color consistency. Once color is achieved, rinse wool with cool water, hang to air dry, and roll into balls for weaving.