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Ross Chaney


The Osage Nation


I am a self-taught artist, using paper, and canvas to receive the medium of inks, paints, pastels, pencils, stencils, airbrush, and other materials to create minimal paintings that have the essence of complexity. I have also worked to use synthesis to provoke a response in the viewers of my art. While my public work has a subversive undertone that is not easily recognized, this art is also challenging the context of being human. Masked by being inquisitive that is mistaken to be philosophical. I am not asking about the future but striving to receive insight past the irony of human beings and our collective condition of time. I have made my life an artistic journey based on not staying long enough into a well-defined classification or repetitive sound. I have done this with the goal of accepting the challenges the community faces, by working in the multifaceted service organization of our community and subversively making connections.