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Saige LaFountain

Whispers of the Beginning

Navajo Nation


As a Sculptor I work with raw stones from around the world. Alabaster, Limestone, Soapstone and Calcite from the America's. Marble from Europe, Asia and the Americas. Also Granite from these locations as well. I sculpt this raw material by hand, utilizing traditional and contemporary stone carving techniques. I'm aided in this process by the use of power tools and pneumatic tools. During the finishing stage I use rasp's to detail my line work and begin the long process of polishing the stone. Which is completed by hand, to create a highly polished gloss finish. I also create a lot of the bases that are used to compliment my pieces. They are made mostly of hard wood from the Americas and occasionally other locals from around the world. At times I will fabricate a stone base with the same materials that I create sculptures from. When casting a Bonze Edition, I use a Bronze Foundry, they use the 'Lost Wax,' process. I've learned to participate throughout the completion of my Bronze's.