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Samantha Jacobs

Keeping A Good Mind

Seneca Nation of Indians

MAR 816

All beadwork is from my own designs using a variety of commercially produced glass seed beads sizes 15-4, semi-precious stone beads, fresh water pearls, shell, antique brass sequins and fire-polished & pressed glass beads in sizes 4mm - 12mm. I use both flat and raised beadwork. All work is sewn by hand. The patterns for the gathered toe moccasins are from my own stock of various sized custom orders accumulated over the past 10 years. The commercial produced bags and hats feature a custom designed beaded area/panel that is fit for the space of the object being adorned. All the beadwork, except for the hats, is done on a velvet covered pellon base for stability and longevity of the work. The hat beadwork is done directly on the hat itself to avoid adding any extra bulk. For my moccasins, I use commercial moose hide or native made brain tanned buckskin. All beadwork is completed using bonded nylon, c-Lon or Tex 45 thread. The moccasins are hand sewn using commercial sinew. Materials used for adornment include: Moose, deer & caribou hair; commercial glass (pressed glass & fire polished in sizes 4mm - 10mm, seed sizes 4-15), shell & semi-precious stone beads; moose & deer antler. For construction: velvet, pellon; bonded nylon, c-lon, Tex-45 threads & commercial sinew; native made brain tanned buck skin and fawn hide, commercial d-ring & hook, zipper, tag board & calico. All patterns are unique and custom for each piece. The tufted Bigfoot is backed with brain tanned buckskin with a single bead edging. The beaded and caribou tufted photo frame features flat and raised beadwork with caribou hair tufted floral accents set to accommodate an 11 x 14” photo. The fawn hide bag features custom carved antler carving and tanning by Hayden Haynes. I constructed the bag from my own pattern with both machine and hand sewing, using polyester thread & commercial sinew. I also created the strap which features moose hair embroidery & single bead edging.