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Samantha TwoCrow


Mukwa Bimosed "Walking Bear In This World"

Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians


CAT E 908

The creativity that inspires my work as an anishinaabe artist comes from untiliizing what the creator has gifted to the Odawa people. Here I use natural materials that originate from the Great Lakes of Northern Michigan. These locally harvested materials are done in season when the anishinaabe people was in need. The stories and teachings are passed down through my families generations which has allowed me to create legendary artwork to ensure we keep our stories and teachings alive. I harvest in season using the otter to represent our creation story, copper that was gifted to the anishinaabe people, birch bark I collect comes after a heavy rain on a hot summer day when I can collect some of the most beautiful birch bark, my porcupine quills I use a traditional technique with a wool blanket to harmlessly remove the quills, and each vintage bead are laid with a beading technique that originates the early 1700’s. These remarkable natural resources allow each piece of art to come alive.