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Samuel LaFountain

Samuel G. LaFountain

Tufa Cast Bracelet

Navajo Nation


LIN E 758

My jewelry skills were cultivated by traditional techniques through my Mother and learned sculptural forms from my Father. I continued to pursue jewelry techniques through self-taught exploration and process. I strived to develop a diligent process of turning raw materials into wearable pieces of art, which shows my unique creativity and style. I appreciate working with traditional materials, such as silver and turquoise; along with making contemporary forms that bring different materials like cuttlebone casting; black jade, gold, and precious gemstones to be incorporated with my jewelry pieces. Organic shapes influence my process that are merged with my jewelry designs. I love to find textures throughout the environment from my homeland to harmoniously blend into my work. I find myself drawn to the fabrication of shaping my ideas into wearable art. The process of harmonizing raw materials with traditional and contemporary designs always evokes me to create the next piece.