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Sayokla Williams

Sayokla Kindness

LAND BACK: Thanksgiving Haudenosaunee Land Protectors

Oneida Nation


I am a beadwork artist. To create my art, I use a variety of beadwork stitches and materials. Beadwork stitches: 1-needle, 2-needle, lazy stitch, bead weaving, brick stitch, flat peyote stitch, wrapping method, and raised beadwork. Materials include all sizes glass seed beads, in all colors and finishes including and predominantly Size 13 and Size 11 True Cuts/Charlotte Cuts, all imports. To create various projects, I may utilize: Needles, thread, sinue, Fabric, Interfacing-Pellon, animal fur and leather/vegan leather, ribbons (silk and satin), cotton cloth, wool, bells, bone, antler, shells (quahog, abalone, dentillium) mirrors, wood, paint, and lights.