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Tanya Lujan

Tanya W. Lujan

Green Beaded Moccasins



PAL N 211

I am a Multidisciplinary Artist from Kainai & Tsuutina AB. My practices include photography, sewing, painting however my main focaus is beadwork and specializing in moccasins, bags and vests. I use multiple different kinds of leathers for bags however use mostly smoked moose or elk hide and brain tanned deer hide in my creations. Along with seed beads (sizes 13,11, & 10), charlotte cut beads that usually come from Japan or Czech, brass studs, sequins at times can be vintage made with traders within the beading community. I also use deer or elk antlers, Teton cloths amongst fabric to line my one of a kind creations. I use traditional knowledge, stories and skill to make my pieces. Which I explore themes around my cultural identity and lifes experiences. When taking orders it at times is upon buyers request of what they want which also include other materials.