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Tessa Robledo

Golden Quills

Comanche Nation


LIN W 714

The techniques used in my beadwork pieces are a mixture of traditional and contemporary stitches. I use the two-needle method for flatwork or applique stitched pieces. This requires a single threaded needle to lay the rows of beads. A second threaded needle is used to tack down every two to three beads with an overlay stitch of the first row of beads. The outlines on applique stitches will start an appliqued or outlined in color for each beaded piece. Each piece is formed with true cut glass beads with a wrapped edging to complete the design. A second small edging type is used to create a diamond using two beads and a fully wrapped leather fashioned rope stitch is also a method used. Beading and backing on a smoked brain tanned deer hide. Quillwork pieces are using the zig zag stitch formed with one single quill sewn down with two needles. The quillwork process is created within the beadwork to add adornment.